About Inti Raymi

About Inti Raymi, The Sun Festival

Inti Raymi (in Quechua feast of the sun), is an Inca and Andean ceremony held in honor of Inti (the Sun God), which takes place every winter solstice (24 June, in the southern hemisphere). The current inhabitants of the Andean countries, with the presence of national and foreign visitors, continue to carry out this tradition, now considered a ceremony of tourist interest. Being an Inca tradition, the Inti Raymi remains a ritual for many others indigenous communities of Inca heritage, some of which are settled in other parts of the ancient Inca territory, such as Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, northern Argentina (Jujuy) and Bolivia.

In Cusco today, the ancient capital of the Tawantinsuyo and international city, the Inti Raymi, as it could not be otherwise, has a ceremonial character and also a manners motivation, a show aimed at both tourists and the people of Cusco, for whom it is a point of reference between the glorious past, a present progressive and an auspicious future. For this last one it attracts so much enthusiasm and massive participation.

Hurry up and get a place in this great ceremony that will be held this June 24, 2018. Do not miss it.

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